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Natural Resources Permitting | Land Shore Water
Portland, OR 503-928-0976
Wetlands, Shore and Waterways Legal Services

Natural Resources Permitting

State and federal regulatory programs can seem like a labyrinth without an exit. With 20 years’ experience in natural resources permitting and project management, I bring a strategic approach to securing the agency approvals my clients need as land owners, developers, and water users.

Water-Related Permits

If your project or business affects wetlands and waterways, I can help you understand the complicated mix of environmental regulation and permit requirements. My expertise includes federal permitting under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act and Section 10 of the Rivers and Harbors Act. I also work with state resource agencies in Oregon and Washington and assist in obtaining permits under state law. I help both individuals and businesses select the most effective consultants, understand agency rules, and develop a permitting strategy.

Water Rights

I help clients secure permits or licenses to use water, prove up existing permits, transfer water rights, or negotiate water leasing or water sale agreements. I have represented a variety of water law clients, including individuals, agricultural and industrial operations, energy companies, and municipalities.


“Water, Water, Everywhere”

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Entitlement, Water Resources, and the
Common Good

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