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Wetlands, Shore and Waterways Legal Services

Legal Services

Columbia River, Clatsop County

We come and go, but the land is always here.

I have a lifelong connection to the land, the shore, and the water in the Pacific Northwest. They are the focus of my law practice.

I have assisted clients with the following projects:


  • Real estate transactions.
  • Wetland mitigation plans, mitigation banking, private mitigation agreements.
  • Cell tower and rooftop leases.
  • Resolution of easement issues.
  • Permits and variances for floodplain development.
  • Boundary disputes and discrepancies between surveys.
  • Land transfers with the Oregon Department of State Lands.
  • Leasing, use rights, and land exchanges on state and federal lands.



  • Clarification of waterway boundaries along rivers, lakes, and the Pacific Ocean.
  • Permits for dredging and upland development.
  • Resolution of filled lands ownership.
  • Removal, repair, and vegetation issues on levees.
  • Analysis of public use rights on shores and waterways.
  • Permitting for docks and streambank stabilization.
  • Wharf registrations for marine terminals on the Columbia and Willamette Rivers.



  • Successful challenge to the State of Oregon’s claim of ownership to 89 miles of the Rogue River.
  • Permits for waterway crossings and in-water structures.
  • Protection of historic water rights in the Klamath Basin Adjudication.
  • Waterway leases and registrations.
  • Resolution of enforcement actions by the Oregon Department of State Lands.
  • Legislation to clarify recreational use of rivers and streams.




River Navigability

The Rogue River channel has moved since its first survey in 1854. I helped property owners oppose the state’s claim of ownership based on navigability.


Moving Boundaries

Ownership boundaries along water can fluctuate. I helped owners and developers clarify boundaries along dozens of rivers and lakes in Oregon and Washington.